Learn the Rules before You Go Trend-Jacking

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Learn the Rules before You Go Trend-Jacking

Trend-jacking is fast becoming one of the most effective tactics that helps brands spread their message to a wider audience. Defined as the practice of boosting brand awareness by leveraging trends, trend-jacking has the potential of scoring big paydays – if you know how to do it right.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers don’t have the slightest idea on how to make it work. They simply jump into the conversation and try to take it over in the hope that it can help them gain more visibility. Don’t follow their lead since it can only do you more harm than good.

If you really want to make this work, you need to play by the rules. How do you do it? Here are some tips that can help you get the kind of results that you need.

  • Monitor and observe. Keep an eye on industry news to catch trending news as they are announced. This will allow you to lead the pack instead of merely jumping on the bandwagon.
  • Do your research first. Always check the story behind the trend. Know where it originated, the general sentiment about the trend and if it has any elements that may negatively affect your followers. Keep in mind that while trend-jacking can be good for your brand, committing simple mistakes can ruin it.
  • Come up with original, unique content. Be creative and try to offer a unique angle on the topic. This can help you establish your authority in your chosen niche and foster a deeper engagement with your followers.

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