10 Ways You Are Committing LinkedIn Marketing Sabotage

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Is Your LinkedIn Marketing Taking a Hit?

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to business professional and company marketing LinkedIn is where you need to be. With over 610 million users, 45% of which are upper management decision makers, it is vital that every business professional be efficient in the LinkedIn realm. But for many entrepreneurs instead of using the platform effectively, they are committing LinkedIn Marketing Sabotage.

Let us share that when it comes to sinking your LinkedIn presence, it is not just new graduates and startup business owners guilty of this crime. Often some of the worst LinkedIn Marketing offenders are very experienced business professionals, CEOs and educators. So let’s take look at some of the worst LinkedIn Marketing offenses and see are you guilty of these?

10 Ways You Are Hurting Your Linked Marketing

#1 An Incomplete Personal Profile


When it comes to LinkedIn Personal Profiles this is your first impression. Whether you are a new grad looking to be hired, a business owner seeking leads or a non-profit sourcing company partners, your LinkedIn Profile needs to communicate your best attributes.

So often business leaders will quickly upload their resume and then log off, thinking it was enough. Bad news, it isn’t. Your LinkedIn Personal Profile should stand out form the crowd by communicating who you are, what your mission is and how your background makes you invaluable.

#2 Incorrect or Outdated Information

So many times in research for clients we review their LinkedIn Profiles and find incorrect or outdated information. In a world of identity theft and security breaches, consumers will quickly pass over a company if something does not look right. For instance an old business address from five years ago is still present or business name change has taken place but not been updated.

#3 A Lack of Brand Cohesiveness

When it comes to your LinkedIn Personal Profile and LinkedIn Company Page, your brand should be instantly recognizable. The same is true for your website and all social media platforms. Having banner covers that match your brand helps to identify your business to potential clients and gives you a finished, sharp appearance.

#4 Getting Too Personal

Keep in mind that LinkedIn, while considered a social media platform, has an emphasis on business. While sharing content in the way of articles and posts is definitely encouraged, you want to keep the topics mostly related to business. Of course the occasional dog post is allowed. Also, remember when it comes to sharing too much, the last place you want to put your detailed life’s story is in your About section. While telling a story is encouraged, some items may be too personal to share.

#5 Stating Just The Facts

Okay, yes you don’t want to be too personal but, you do want to gain attention. One of the best ways to highlight yourself is by telling your business success story. Sharing how you worked your way up can make for interesting reading and can show potential employers, partners and vendors there is more to you than just the facts!

LinkedIn-Marketing-headshot#6 A Bad Headshot

One of the great features of LinkedIn is the headshot each member can upload. Having a headshot puts a face with the name. But, when it comes to headshots you have to remember that LinkedIn is for business professionals. While a professional headshot is the best, a good picture with you in professional attire will do. Your headshot should be posed so that it shows you from the shoulders up. Be aware of your background and don’t make it too casual, unless your business calls for it. Also like your other content, make sure you update your headshot at least one time a year.

#7 Not Accurately Reflecting Your Skillset For The Job You Are Seeking or Your Services

One of the biggest mistakes we often see with LinkedIn Profiles is a lack of the proper accreditation. While there is nothing wrong with switching careers, it is crucial that on your profile you reflect you have the skillset for what you are offering.

For new grads, career switchers or startup business owners who have little to no experience for what they are offering, it is important to show your capabilities in other ways. Make sure you outline your training with skills documented. Be sure to take advantage of internships, even if you are not new to the business world; this is a way to build up experience for your profile. Dig deep into your past positions, chances are some of the tasks you performed before qualify as experience for your new career.

#8 No Content Marketing

One of the greatest features of LinkedIn Marketing is the ability to share content. If you are seeking to enhance your online presence as an influencer or make your business stand out in its industry, creating content via written articles is a great way to get noticed.

Did You Know…

91% of executives choose LinkedIn as their primary source for professionally relevant content.


#9 Not Networking


LinkedIn in its most basic state is all about networking. Yet, many business professionals never take advantage of LinkedIn networking features. Make sure to reach out to your target audience on LinkedIn. Connect with industry partners, current clients, even alumni and faculty if you are a college student. Check your notifications at least once a day to see who is interested in connecting.

#10 Not Using LinkedIn For B2B Marketing

As a business serving other businesses it is critical to take part in LinkedIn for B2B Marketing. No other place on the Internet will you find the opportunities and contacts so easily accessible for reaching your target customers. But, as with other social platforms, you will likely find stepping out from the FREE features to invest in Paid Ads will be more fruitful for LinkedIn B2B Marketing.

Some other tactics to invest in for better lead generation are:

  • LinkedIn Paid Ads
  • Building/Joining a LinkedIn Group
  • Creating/Sharing Industry Content
  • Holding a Networking Event
  • Leading an Email Marketing Campaign
  • Investing in LinkedIn Leverage Marketing

Let The Mauldin Group Take Your LinkedIn Marketing From Sabotage to Success

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