Making A Social Media Video Impact

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Making A Social Media Video Impact

Social Media Video is the next evolution of digital marketing – and it’s already happening.

While engaging content is important to Google rankings in terms of social media and in particular mobile use, video content is imperative to attract and keep audience attention. New Social Media Video apps are becoming extremely popular, such as Ripl, an app designed specifically to assist small businesses with their marketing by helping them create animated posts for social media that capture attention.

Social media is all about movement – audiences have become blind to simply pictures, especially annoying clickbait.

Social Media VideoAccording to Tony Haile, the average user only spends fifteen seconds on a web page. He states in his Time magazine article, “The click . . . has flooded the web with spam, linkbait, painful design and tricks that treated users like lab rats.”

The attention of the average user is minimal. The typical inter user will have multiple tabs open while multitasking, whether leisure, work, or both (as of right now I have sixteen tabs open). It is easy to see why our eyes glaze over or do not process information from still pictures – there are too many other things to take away our attention.

Video, however, forces the user to stop and engage in the content. Usually, there is five seconds for the viewer to become fully engaged in the content.

Welcome to the Attention Web.

With the runaway rise of video content skyrocketing, 51.9% ofSocial Media Video professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Some of the latest statistics point to the importance to produce video content specifically in terms of social media.

As is the case with any tactic, the decision to create content as a video should trace back to your marketing goals. Fortunately, from a marketer’s standpoint, video offers a range of creative and strategic options that can be applied to virtually any content marketing goal or purpose.

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Jinna Marby, elaborates on the importance of video content, media and marketing through her eye-opening Slideshare presentation.


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