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Do You Know Proper LinkedIn Etiquette?

With over 575 million users, LinkedIn has become a vital social media platform for professionals. This collection of business people means almost limitless opportunities for jobs, B2B marketing, and networking. Your presence on LinkedIn is crucial to maintaining your brand and building meaningful connections with other professionals. So how do you create an effective LinkedIn presence? Here are 3 tips for making the most of your LinkedIn connections.

3 Ways To Stand Out On LinkedIn

Create a Killer Profile

A professional headshot, customized banner image, and personalized About section that tells your story are all elements of an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Having these elements will lend you credibility and build trust with your connections.

Post Content Regularly

Consistently participating on LinkedIn will keep you on the forefront in the mind of your connections. People are more likely to engage with active users.

Personalize Connection Requests

Everyone wants to connect with everyone on LinkedIn, but most people don’t know how to properly solicit introductions to second-degree connections. Drafting appropriate introduction requests is a fine-tuned skill that can make all the difference. READ MORE…


Step Up Your LinkedIn Game With The Mauldin Group

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