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How Do You Effectively Market Health And Wellness?

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Do You Know Which Healthcare Marketing Services You Need?

You’re in the business of making people healthier. But it’s equally important to make sure your business is thriving as well. Correct healthcare marketing services are vital for your wellness center if you want to stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape. But it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are the most important health and wellness marketing strategies. With the proper approach, you will attract more customers, establish your credibility, and boost your revenue.

Healthcare Marketing Best Practices

Develop Your Brand

Branding is absolutely necessary for effective health and wellness marketing. It will help you build credibility, boost brand recognition and foster customer relationships. To develop your wellness center’s brand, you need to decide how you want your business to be perceived. Do you want to be known as a highly professional practice with cutting-edge innovations? Or as safe haven for restoration and peace of mind? Whatever it is, it’s important to choose a specific impression you wish to give prospective customers. If they can see themselves in your brand, they will be more likely to trust your services.


Creating a clear business identity is more than just designing a great logo. It requires research and skillful use of verbal and visual communications. Most importantly, it requires strategy. Each step in the development of your brand must be performed at the optimal time and with the latest creative marketing tools. Knowing the best times and platforms for publishing can mean the difference between dollars well spent and a wasted budget. If you don’t feel comfortable developing your brand by yourself, consider talking to industry experts.

Design A Professional Website

Having a professional website is crucial for marketing your health and wellness business. According to Blue Corona, 48% of online users report that good website design is the #1 factor for deciding the credibility of a company. So make sure your first digital impression is a good one! Choose a website with a simple layout and intuitive navigation so that readers can find the information they’re looking for easily. Also keep in mind that most people look up information on their phones, so your website should include a mobile version as well. Although you might not know where to start when it comes to designing a website, healthcare marketing services make it easy to create a completely customized site with online appointment booking, digital client intake forms and so much more.

Capitalize On Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have an exceptional website, you want to make sure people can find it. Search engine optimization is the term for techniques that increase your site’s visibility in search engine results. This is done by using specific keywords that your target audience is likely searching for. Search engines will pick up on these keywords and rank your website higher on their results page. One of the best ways to optimize your site is to feature a blog. Businesses who regularly post blogs get 55% more web traffic. You can use this platform to demonstrate your expertise, offer helpful advice, and address frequently asked questions. Readers are much more likely to engage with your website if you offer them information they are looking for.

To get the most out of SEO, you have to possess a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and website analytics. If this sounds foreign to you, try getting some help from the pros.

Use Social Media

To take your healthcare marketing to the next level, you’ll need to leverage the popularity social media services. According to research, two-thirds of Americans use social media. That’s two-thirds of the country you can market to!


Rather than trying to master all platforms at the same time, focus on just one or two that your target audience uses most. Make sure your content is engaging and relevant in order to attract more followers. A social content calendar, which will allow you to plan your posts in advance, is a great way to do this. It. Just as with your blog, your content can include advice for staying healthy, relaxation tips, as well as information about the services you provide. Everyone loves recurring themes such as Spa Saturdays, Meditation Monday, or Wellness Wednesdays.

Send Out A Newsletter

As one of the tried and true healthcare marketing services, newsletters are a great way to keep your wellness center on the forefront of people’s minds. Newsletters are perfect for delivering helpful information to those who don’t use social media or prefer not to follow businesses on their personal accounts. This is an opportunity to send valuable bits of information to your audience, rather than hoping they stumble upon it on your website. You will have the best results if you try to keep your newsletters concise, relevant, and infrequent enough that they aren’t accidentally marked as spam.

Use Re-marketing Campaigns

Re-marketing is when you reach out to existing clients and ask them to take a specific action. This can look like a lot of different things. You can remind people to schedule their next appointment. It’s also a good idea to reach out to people who visited your website but never contacted you or  booked an appointment. Re-marketing campaigns area great way to advertise new services or your latest discount offerings. By targeting people who already have a known interest in your health and wellness business, you have a greater chance of conversion.

The Mauldin Group Has The Healthcare Marketing Services You Need

You’re in the business of making people healthier. We’re in the business of helping your company succeed. The Mauldin Group understands that not all healthcare messaging is the same. We use our experience, research and training to develop a customized marketing strategy that is unique to your particular needs and budget. At The Mauldin Group, we understand the mystery of SEO. We are ready to not just get your business to the top of those searches but KEEP YOU there. Learn more by Contacting Us Now or calling us at 866-438-7756.