The Mauldin Group And Sunshine Kids Want to See A Smile On Every Child With Cancer

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The Mauldin Group And Sunshine Kids Want to See A Smile On Every Child With Cancer

TMG Becomes A Bronze Sponsor of The Sunshine Kids Foundation

What do smiles mean? They mean happiness but, for many children it means another day over overcoming the terrible disease of cancer. No child should ever have to suffer cancer and until it is completely eradicated, The Mauldin Group will be here standing strong to do all we can to support those in the fight against this horrible disease. And leading the fight to give children with cancer back their smiles, is The Sunshine Kids Foundation. 

The Sunshine Kids Are Changing Lives

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Why The Mauldin Group Supports The Sunshine Kids Foundation?

The Mauldin Group is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor for The Sunshine Kids Foundation. This wonderful organization is dedicated to providing activities and support to children and their families who are in the fight against cancer.

While we may not have a cure yet, just know that Cancer, you are on your way out! We invite you to join us in support of this wonderful organization.


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 The Sunshine Kids History

“The Sunshine Kids Foundation was founded by Rhoda Tomasco in 1982 while she was serving as a volunteer in the pediatric cancer unit of a hospital in Houston, Texas. After seeing the loneliness and depression among children during their extended hospital treatments, Rhoda had a vision to provide these young cancer patients with opportunities to participate in positive group activities which promoted self-esteem, personal accomplishment and just plain old fashioned fun! Today, that vision has been realized many times over, as thousands of children from hospitals across the country have reaped the benefits of The Sunshine Kids Foundation’s many programs and national and regional events. Funded by personal contributions, corporations and foundations, the Sunshine Kids continues, as it has since its inception, to provide all of its activities completely free of charge to the children and their families.” Sunshine

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To learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit

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