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Winning Business Person of Excellence, My Entrepreneurship Adventure

The Mauldin Group

Thank You GNFCC For My Business Person of Excellence Award!

On August 27, 2019 I won the Business Person of Excellence Award from the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious award signifies success as a small business person and as a leader in the business community. It was exciting to be recognized amongst other inspiring entrepreneurs and celebrated for my contribution to the community. The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce is an incredible place to network, volunteer and build relationships. As a member and chamber diplomat, I have had an opportunity to meet hundreds of business professionals with aspirations to grow and thrive. I started The Mauldin Group to help business owners to fulfill their dream of successful entrepreneurship. In my view, business owners are the brave and courageous few, who put their money, time and energy into an idea, so they can fill a need in the marketplace and grow a profitable enterprise.


I saw a gap in the marketplace, where small businesses would hire several companies to complete multiple marketing tasks like web design, graphic design, copywriting and social media. Or, they would hire a marketing representative, and expect them to do outbound sales, update social media, write blogs, produce videos and handle customers, all at the same time. Both strategies can be inefficient and ineffective.

The Bonnie Mauldin Entrepreneurship Vision

My vision was to create a different solution, a solution where a team of experts in their respective fields could collaborate on a strategic marketing plan. An agency where small business owners can come and meet face-to-face with an experienced consultant to share their business goals and objectives. A place where a customized plan is crafted to generate new leads and brand recognition, all at an affordable rate with a high return on investment. This vision manifested itself as The Mauldin Group and has helped hundred of companies to grow more profitable. It is truly a dream come true.

My dream did not come true without hard work and sacrifice. While all of my peers were going on vacations, buying fancy cars, designer clothing and partying. I was saving money, living on next to nothing and taking all extra time outside of full-time work to study and learn new skills in technology. I spent countless hours of training in classes and e-courses to gain multiple certifications. I eventually became an expert then began to train others on Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Website Design and Customer Relationship Management.

The Mauldin Group, Entrepreneurship Takes Flight

When I started taking on clients, they gained tremendous results from my campaigns. It was at that point I knew I had created a special marketing methodology, and could bring on a team to serve more clients. The Mauldin Group is now a company that employs some of the most gifted, caring and passionate marketers in the field. We are blessed to have a great rapport and work very well together as a team. It is this teamwork mentality and genuine love of the arts that allow our clients to gain exceptional results. It is our key to success.


So the hard work and sacrifice has finally paid off, and now I’m blessed to win multiple awards like Georgia Trend’s Best & Brightest, ranked Atlanta’s Top SEO Company and this week’s chamber of commerce award, Business Person of Excellence. This indicates that we’re on the right track and the future is bright. As technology evolves, my team and I will continue to train and keep our finger on the pulse of industry trends, emerging technologies and new opportunities for our clients.

To The Top!

We have some exciting new service offerings that will soon be launched to better serve a wider audience with better branding and business development training. So stay plugged in to The Mauldin Group on social media and through our newsletter, and let’s ride on a entrepreneurship adventure to… the… top!

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