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Help! My Google Adwords Is Not Performing Well

Google Adwords

Three Things That May Be Hindering Your Google Adwords Performance

Google Adwords can be an amazing tool for businesses both small and large. The key to a successful campaign however, lies in three crucial steps. By taking these steps on with confidence and close observation, you can lead your Google Adwords campaign to performing more proactively and garnering better qualified leads.

 Google Adwords - PPCThree Steps To Better Google Adwords Performance

1. Do Your Research – One of the biggest mistakes any administrator can make, is by going into a Google Adwords campaign  using “what you think” are the best keywords for your industry. While you may “think” you know what many of your customers are searching for from your industry experience, this may not give you a full-rounded picture. You also need to know what keywords are being searched for in your local area, as well as what your customer will ask for instead of what you may call it in your industry. Make sure you invest in the research time, it will pay off in better results and less wasted funds.

2. Spend More – The first mistake many PPC administrators make when starting their first Google Adwords campaign is not spending enough. This is a natural response after all this is not a tangible item you are purchasing. You are using company funds to do what many have falsely described as almost “gambling” on a pay off. But the truth is, you are making a legitimate investment that has the potential to surpass even the best SEO efforts.

To start off with you may want to create a test budget your first time out. Think about choosing ten (10) keywords with a goal of 100 clicks. Now if you plan these at a budget of $1 each then your budget should be around $1,000.  As you become more accustomed to how your Google Adwords account works you may wish to adjust your funds to be more aggressive. Remember what you are doing is making a well-researched investment, make sure you approach it with confidence.

3. Monitor, Monitor, Monitor – The single biggest mistake that most Google Adwords administrators make is by not being proactive in monitoring their campaigns. Often many Google Adwords admins will set up what they see as a very progressive campaign and then expect it to carry forward on its own. The truth is however, that Google Adwords is a very active online advertising tool. Just as consumer trends change, so can campaign paths. It is imperative that as an administrator you monitor your Google Adwords campaign closely. As a fluid entity, for a Google Adwords campaign to perform optimally requires adjustments. 

 Google Adwords - laptopGoogle Adwords is Not For The Faint At Heart

When it comes to creating a successful Google Adwords campaign, it takes experience. That is not to say that a business should not enter to Google Adwords as a new marketing tool but, before doing so you should research it carefully; expect a learning curve and pitfalls. Even the most seasoned Google Adwords administrators will occasionally experience a time of dismay and doubt when it comes to a campaign. The key is to do your research, be confident in your budget and monitor your campaign closely.

The Mauldin Group Does Google Adwords Well

When it comes to planning a successful Google Adwords campaign sometimes the best plan of action is to leave it to the professionals. The Mauldin Group has built a reputation of creating strategic PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns that drive of Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and other platforms to profitability. With a creative team poised for providing excellence, The Mauldin Group PPC experts will see to it your Google Adwords performs optimally to generate the most qualified leads possible.

In addition, The Mauldin Group is a Google AdWords Certified Partner which means we are trained and certified to provide a wide variety of Google services including: Google Adwords management, website development and search engine optimization. Ready for a successful Google Adwords campaign? Contact Us Now or Call Us at: (678) 846-2306.