Newsletter Design: Why and How It Matters

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Newsletter Design: Why and How It Matters

The Art of Email Newsletter Design

Have you ever considered the work put into an email newsletter design?

Take a look at this picture:


Compared to the elegant brushstrokes of other artists’ techniques, this piece might appear very plain, easy. You may have stood in front of Piets Mondrian’s Red, Blue, and Yellow for the first time and thought: why is this here? How is this art? They’re just squares!

However, when you consider the context of how the piece was created, the meaningfulness of those squares becomes more apparent and complex.

The same logic can be applied to creating a newsletter.

Newsletter design may appear easy. How hard can it be to throw together a few paragraphs, links, maybe a calendar or coupon somewhere, and hit send? Appearances, however, are can be deceiving. Newsletters are not just squares of different content—it’s art. It’s strategic communication. Creating a newsletter your audience wants to read is a masterpiece.

The challenge of newsletter design is writing content that engages your target audience.
If you’re questioning the necessity of a well crafted newsletter just remember – numbers don’t lie. Here are the average benchmarks projected by Mailchimp over the course of 2016.

So yes, delivering a high-qualinewsletter designty newsletter is imperative to your business. However, a poorly designed newsletter can just as easily hurt you.

Do you want to send people something they’ll glaze over and then delete? No. You want your newsletter to accurately promote your business without going overboard or losing your audience’s interest.

Otherwise, your audience will unsubscribe, hurting your business’s overall metrics.

 Less Is More.

A newsletter can become distracting to your readers if you include too much content, have an abundance of links or images; and the material is unorganized (e.g. a promotional image next to an unrelated video link). Creating an enticing e-newsletter requires following two rules: having concise copy and good graphic design.

Concise Copy. Subscribers don’t have time to read an email all day. Long, rambling content that requires too much scrolling will quickly be deleted. The point of the newsletter is to get the reader’s attention and guide them to your website. Give your subscribers a taste of your content, just enough that they will want to click and learn more.

Good Graphic Design. This aspect is essential because it helps to visually draw your readers’ interest, provide easy navigation and alleviates the cluttered feel. A newsletter should be visually appealing with just enough visual and text content to catch the reader’s eye.

Is that all there is to newsletter design?newsletter design

Absolutely not. Those are only first steps to go by.

In fact, we narrowed our newsletter design down to a mere thirty-five steps, including:

  • Header Options: Is your subject line attention getting?
  • Does it have any spam triggers?
  • Is it your newsletter limited to one page—two max?
  • Do you have CTA’s for all your links work properly?
  • Did you include a CTA (Call To Action) at the bottom? (These are items such as a graphic that links to a “Request a Quote” link or a tagline with  a hyperlink to your company website.)
  • Does it have an interesting, engaging newsletter title? One that people won’t ignore?
  • Do you have a link where people can subscribe to social media?

All these steps must be considered in order to engage your audience—all while maintaining a minimal style that is uncluttered and drives traffic to where you want it to go.

Newsletter design might appear easy. However, having a digital marketer help design your newsletter and choose what content to include will help boost your engagement and save you a lot of headaches. With an expert in-house graphic design and content development team, The Mauldin Group has the experience and success to create a well executed, engaging newsletter. Learn how…

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