A New Year is Coming, Now Is The Time For a New Digital Marketing Plan

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A New Year is Coming, Now Is The Time For a New Digital Marketing Plan

A New 2018 Budget Means A Great New Digital Marketing Plan 

With the end of 2017 fast approaching now is the time to start look at a new digital marketing plan for 2018. But while you may know that your marketing strategies are in need of an upgrade, or even more serious a complete overhaul, going about it may be a bit fuzzy. So to kick things off the right way, The Mauldin Group is sharing some of our tried and true concepts for creating a new digital marketing plan for your business.

A New Digital Marketing Plan Begins With Careful Examination

Honestly Evaluate Your Current Marketing – Marketing can be a very personal, even creative, outlet for business owners. Taking an honest look at what is working and what is not can be difficult. Whether it is a blog you are showcasing your inner writer or a website you built from scratch, the truth is, unless it meets certain criteria, it can be hampering your marketing efforts. So take a step back, know that while your writing isn’t bad, it just may not be the best type for your marketing needs. Trying asking clients, employees, and friends to take a look and give you feedback on what they would like to see from your company in the way of messaging.

digital marketing plan - ORM

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Is A MUST! – More and more online shoppers are consulting reviews before making a purchasing decision. If your Google Listing is missing or you have less than 4-Star reviews, your business may be overlooked or even worse, passed by completely.  You need to have an ORM plan in place for capturing reviews quickly, efficiently posting positive reviews and addressing negative reviews immediately!


DID YOU KNOW 88% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

Lead Generation Leads The Way – Acquiring leads is always at the top of the sales department wish list, but for leads to be effective they need to be qualified leads. Your marketing and in particular website should be ready with good lead generation to attract, capture and respond to the leads that will deliver results. If your website is not optimally set up to bring visitors directly to what they are looking for then they will leave frustrated and not come back.

PPC Is Worth It – PPC or Pay Per Click can appear costly, especially if you are a new or small business owner. But managed effectively it can provide great results (or qualified leads) in a very short time frame.  The key is knowing which platforms are the best for your business; Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are the standards.  In addition, you need to know what keywords are being searched for within you industry, location and market.  Last you have to think of it as a tangible investment. Many business owners will spend more marketing dollars on postcard mailers that will produce very little rather than a PPC campaign that can cost less and produce many more leads.

digital marketing plan-smartphoneWhat Messaging Appeals To Your Clients or Customers? – Messaging can be a very personal but quirky thing. Mobile devices are guiding the formatting and appearance of messaging more everyday with as much as 72% of consumers getting their communications via smartphones. Yet many B2B customers still find the well-crafted newsletter performs better for reaching customers and receiving a response. For any business, social media marketing is a must. The key is knowing which platform is best for your target audience and knowing what your goal should be-brand recognition, lead generation, online product sales?

Definitely Make SEO and A Great Website Part of Your New Digital Marketing Plan

Invest in SEO – Many company owners will tell you they need SEO but few can tell you how to get it. SEO is a monster that is feared as it so unknown. Truthfully however, SEO is easily managed with the right practices and/or team in place.  If you are going to cut areas of your budget, SEO is the last place you want to do it. When it comes to search rankings remember that most online consumers will punch in a search and choose one of the first three results they see. If you aren’t on page one of Google, get there!

Invest More in Your Website – If investing in SEO is important, investing in your website is crucial.  Unless your website is optimally designed and developed, SEO will not work. Normally websites fall into two categories, Not Enough Information or Way Too Much Information. A good website will provide information about your company and services in clear, easy to understand ways.

Here are few items a good website offers:

  • Quick Loading of webpagesdigital marketing plan-website design
  • Easy to follow navigation
  • Good images that correlate to the text (more real life and less stock the better)
  • Highlights your services clearly.
  • Quality text content (normally around 250-400 words per page).
  • A good CTA (Call To Action) to lead online visitors to contact you.
  • Great visual appearance and is eye-catching.
  • Has a Blog.
  • Is WordPress (it is pretty much the standard and offers the most flexibility for ease of self-management).

The Mauldin Group Has All You Need For a Great 2018 Marketing Plan

When it comes to your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan you need a strategy that is practical, affordable and results-driven. At The Mauldin Group, we are experts in all aspects of digital marketing. With premier service packages that offer the latest trends in lead generation, proven online reputation management, SEO-driven website design and a host of other digital services, it is no wonder we have been featured as a 2017 Best of Atlanta Business in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. After all word gets around quick when people know you can take their business from the bottom to the top.

To find out more visit us now or contact us at: Local: 678-846-2306.


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