Order A Burger King Whopper At McDonald’s-Clever Marketing Or The Start Of A Burger War?

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Burger King Whopper-App Marketing

Order A Burger King Whopper At McDonald’s-Clever Marketing Or The Start Of A Burger War?

Burger King Gets Creative With Its New BK App Launch At McDonald’s Expense

Get Your Burger King Whopper At…McDonald’s?

On December 4, Burger King pulled one of the most clever marketing campaigns ever witnessed in the burger industry with the launch of its new BK App. To entice consumers with the download of its new app and have a little fun at the expense of the giant in the burger world industry, McDonald’s, Burger King offered 1¢ Whoppers...with a slight catch.  To get this phenomenal deal, you had to order the burger via their new app from a physical McDonald’s location (or at least within 600 feet of the golden arches). 


Burger King Whopper -Ad

Using the technology of Geofencing, Burger King masterfully took a risk that has paid off big with over 6 million people downloading the app; 1 million of these within the first 36 hours. But, the results don’t stop there within hours, the BK App, ‘The Whopper Detour’ became the Number #1 Downloaded App from the Apple Store.

So, it seems turning 14,000 of your competitors’ stores into your personal ordering spots and taking away a bit of that “burger” arrogance, may only be the first shot that Burger King has in store for McDonald’s. The bigger question may be however, ‘Has Burger King only awakened a sleeping giant?’ Consumers may find out soon but in the meantime, enjoy the benefits! If you are interested in trying this BK App out, you have until Dec. 12. READ MORE…

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