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LEAD FORENSICS and The Mauldin Group Partnership

We Take Lead Generation To A Whole New Level?

When it comes to lead generation, one thing is true, if the lead is not qualified, the lead’s no good. But, what if you had a way to KNOW that a lead was qualified. A vision of not only who was the source of that lead but, could actually see into their minds to find what services or products they were looking for. Now, what if you had the company contact information to take the qualified lead and run with it. In walks Lead Forensics.

Known as “software for turbo-charged lead generation,” Lead Forensics offers businesses an edge in sourcing qualified customers. But more so than that it is the depth of the information that Lead Forensics can furnish. This unique feature that makes Lead Forensics a leader in the industry is what led to The Mauldin Group choosing them as a partner.

With Lead Forensics, Lead Generation Delivers Actual Qualified Results:

  • The Business that visited your website.
  • The Name, Position and Email Address of key decision makers in that business.
  • The Pages the organizationvisited.

How Does Lead Generation Change?

The beauty of Lead Forensics is that it delivers the qualified lead data needed for your sales team to proactively create a sales pitch that is directly related to what the customer is searching for. Through The Mauldin Group’s partnership, you not only gain Lead Forensics, but you have a team behind you to assure you don’t miss a lead and have the digital marketing tools to create a unique message for that customer.
Imagine if your lead generation could:

  • Allow for a unique sales pitch within 24 hours of search.
  • Be easily incorporated into your sales funnel.
  • Make messaging personal to your customer.


  • Present “magically” a brochure in the mail for their searched product or service.
  • Free up your sales team from cold calls.

Ready For A Lead Generation Revolution?

As a Lead ForensicsPlatinum Partner, The Mauldin Group is in place to help local businesses implement lead generation in a revolutionary way. Together with TMG’saffordable digital marketing services, we can assure that qualified leads are captured and communicated to in a way that boosts your profits and take your sales from Bottom To The Top! Contact Us Now.