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ZOHO CRM and The Mauldin Group Partnership

Who Said CRMs Have To Be Hard?

When you are a leader in digital marketing, you choose the vendors you wish as partners very carefully. Recently when The Mauldin Group felt it was time to add a great new service to our lineup, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Implementation quickly stood out as the leader. We knew early on that selling this service would be a hurdle but, knowing the importance and what a difference in profitability it can make for a company, TMG took on the challenge.The first step was choosing a CRM partner who we felt both met our unique client needs and provided the best product to meet our clients’ goals, enter ZOHO.

After carefully scrutiny of several industry providers of CRM software, ZOHO quickly stood out. With a reputation for providing the most user-friendly CRM platform that was both affordable for small businesses and offered future growth capabilities, ZOHO is quickly becoming increasing its ranks in the CRM industry.

Some of the reasons businesses choose ZOHO CRM:

  • Quick Implementation
  • Easy Navigation
  • Growth Potential
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Multiple Training Options

The ZOHO CRM and The Mauldin Group, Why We Get Along

As a global provider of Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications for Businesses, becoming an Authorized Partner with ZOHO seemed like a natural step. After all, when a vendor has almost 35 million satisfied customers across the globe, you can trust they are on to something. For TMG, the deciding factor was how well the ZOHO CRM can work to decrease a business’s operations’ time and expenses, while increasing qualified leads and building better customer relationships for our clients.
ZOHO Features:

  • CRM
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Office Suite
  • IT & Help Desk
  • Email & Collaboration
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Solutions

Ready For A CRM?

As an Authorized Consulting Partner, The Mauldin Group is in place to help local businesses implement ZOHO solutions to meet their unique company needs. Together with TMG’s affordable digital marketing services, we can take your company from the Google searches’ Bottom To The Top! Contact Us Now.