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Pay Per Click Ads
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Do you know the best way to utilize Pay Per Click Ads?

GA. That’s an acronym for a state, right? Yes—but it also stands for Google Analytics, a service that generates statistics for website traffic, conversions, and sales. Also, probably tracking where your grandmother is, right now. You should call her.

Let’s try another—DR. That stands for doctor—or in the digital marketing world, Direct Response, a type of marketing that elicits a specific response from its audience.

We’ll try one more— WYSIWYG. A volcano in Iceland? Close . . . try ‘what you see is what you get’.  (This one may have been retired after 1982.)

Acronyms are common in the Google Ads marketing world. However, they can sometimes be confusing. You might be at least familiar with these terms but don’t fully understand their relationship to your digital marketing strategy. Here are a few easy ways to follow explanations for mastering basic digital marketing jargon.

We’ll be focusing specifically on Pay Per Clicks tips: a necessity in Google Ads Marketing.

paid ads Pay-Per-Click Advertising

How does Google Ads work?

At its core Google Ads is relationship between the Advertiser the User and Google.

  • Advertisers want to sell products.
  • Users don’t want spam and want relevant ads.
  • Google wants both parties to be happy and profit.

Essentially, Google Ads is designed to accommodate the expectations of all three.

So how is PPC involved?

You probably know that PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is easily definable as the amount of money spent to get a digital advertisement clicked. PPC a method and it something that can boost your company’s audience.

  • Develop a comprehensive keyword list. The best way to do this is to understand your product and your audience and create words that are specific enough for your brand and broad enough to be searched. It’s a fine line but tools such as Google Keyword Planner will help create the best keywords.
  • Be familiar with your competitions. You know the old saying, and we’re not suggesting you steal ideas. See how they’re different or how they’re the same. Is what you’re doing that’s different working better? Good. If not, find ways to improve. Healthy competition only hurt a few people.
  • Watch those conversions. From the beginning your conversion rates are the measure of how well your Google Ads campaign is working. Find out what works and what doesn’t from the beginning.

The most important part of familiarizing yourself with Google Ads is to always be learning (for instance by reading this blog)! By continuing to increase your knowledge in Google Ads Marketing, you will continue run successful campaigns. Looking for more helpful tips? Want veterans who are masters at Google Ads and Analytics to manage your campaigns? Contact the Mauldin Group at 678-846-2306. We will be your Digital Marketing Sherpas. And don’t forget to call your grandmother.

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