Custom PPC Provides Results Proven Benefits Quickly
  • PPC-Results-Can-Be-Seen-Quick-image

    PPC Results Can Be Seen Quick

    With PPC results are measurable and can be tracked easily. *Although we always recommend that clients give a campaign at least 1 month to give a good snapshot.

  • Targeting-Options-Are-Optimal-image

    Targeting Options Are Optimal

    PPC is set up to reach your target customer at the right time with the right Ad.

  • The-Clients-Have-Control-image

    The Clients Have Control

    At TMG we listen to your company goals when it comes to PPC and work to meet those with a customized PPC campaign.

  • You-Only-Pay-When-They-Click-image

    You Only Pay When They Click

    Your funds are only used when your Ad is clicked, and we assure your Ad is communicated accurately to reach your desired, interested customer.

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    PPC Can Be Combined With Other Marketing

    PPC can be combined with SEO and a full marketing strategy to deliver optimal results across several platforms.

Paying Some One To Click, Really?

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search.

PPC Gone Mobile
PPC Gone Mobile!

With an estimated 17.72 Billion smartphone users by 2024 mobile, PPC strategies are fast becoming one of the most sought-after areas of marketing. Customized PPC campaigns for mobile users are quickly becoming some the most in demand marketing needs requested from Internet marketing agencies. But the key is finding a team that can do it right.

PPC is not a template based digital marketing that works for everyone. If YOUR PPC strategy is not designed and The Mauldin Group is already there, trained, ready and prepared to deliver mobile PPC that meets your business and your target market’s needs.

Custom PPC, Spending That Pays Off

At The Mauldin Group we understand that your Ad spend is an investment meant to pay off in sales. That is why we LISTEN and work with YOU to design a PPC campaign with both YOUR budget and YOUR goals in mind. We can create a customized Pay Per Click strategy that captures the attention of the customers and clients you are looking for and generates profitability. All of this while staying assuring a good ROI.

Deliver to the Right Audience

Location Based

Mobile Device ID technology allows us to capture mobile devices based on location and IP-match to all other devices inside the home.

CRM Database

Leverage your CRM or direct mail lists to deliver messaging cross-platform and build look-a-like audiences to expand on what’s performing.

Behavioral Targeting

Apply best-in-class 3rd party data to find and target “In-Market” audience and triedand-true demographic target consumers.



Streaming television (CTV/OTT), streaming Audio/Podcasts, clickable video (Pre-roll), Display banners, retargeting – all in a guaranteed brand safe environment.

CTV/OTT Partnerships

Direct 1:1 relationships with Peacock, Hulu, Discovery+, Disney (ABC, ESPN, etc.), Paramount+, Sling, Tubi, Vizio, and more.

Paid Social

Facebook/Instagram (Meta), YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords

Delivering Your Message Across The Entire Digital Landscape
  • Pay Per Click, with Google & Bing
  • Streaming television
  • Digital audio & podcasting
  • Digital Out Of Home
  • Video pre-roll
  • Banner ads
  • Website retargeting
  • Ad click retargeting
Including A Full Suite Of Paid Social Offerings
  • YouTube
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
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