Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC is one of the greatest tools in the digital marketing arsenal, and one of the least understood.

Often businesses shy away from PPC (Pay Per Click) because they don’t truly understand its effectiveness and fear the ROI to be less than profitable. Other companies have “tried” PPC in the past only to experience less than productive results. At The Mauldin Group we understand the mysterious world of PPC management and in particular the customized nuisances to make it succeed for YOUR business.

Custom PPC Provides Results Proven Benefits Quickly

  • PPC Results Can Be Seen Quick – With PPC results are measurable and can be tracked easily. *Although we always recommend that clients give a campaign at least 1 month to give a good snapshot.
  • Targeting Options Are Optimal – PPC is set up to reach your target customer at the right time with the right Ad.
  • The Clients Have Control – At TMG we listen to your company goals when it comes to PPC and work to meet those with a customized PPC campaign.
  • You Only Pay When They Click – Your funds are only used when your Ad is clicked, and we assure your Ad is communicated accurately to reach your desired, interested customer.
  • PPC Can Be Combined With Other Marketing – PPC can be combined with SEO and a full marketing strategy to deliver optimal results across several platforms.

Paying Some One To Click, Really?

We don’t blame you. When YOUR company is facing the PPC decision you want to know that YOUR Ads will be taken seriously and handled with care. The Mauldin Group is a certified Google Partner that has a solid understanding of what PPC is, how to best manage an effective campaign, and has a proven track record of delivering a positive ROI to back it up.

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search.

PPC Gone Mobile!

With an estimated 17.72 Billion smartphone users by 2024 mobile, PPC strategies are fast becoming one of the most sought-after areas of marketing. Customized PPC campaigns for mobile users are quickly becoming some the most in demand marketing needs requested from Internet marketing agencies. But the key is finding a team that can do it right.

PPC is not a template based digital marketing that works for everyone. If YOUR PPC strategy is not designed and The Mauldin Group is already there, trained, ready and prepared to deliver mobile PPC that meets your business and your target market’s needs.

Custom PPC, Spending That Pays Off

At The Mauldin Group we understand that your Ad spend is an investment meant to pay off in sales. That is why we LISTEN and work with YOU to design a PPC campaign with both YOUR budget and YOUR goals in mind. We can create a customized Pay Per Click strategy that captures the attention of the customers and clients you are looking for and generates profitability. All of this while staying assuring a good ROI.

Taking The Mystery Out of PPC – FAQs

The Mauldin Group has been providing PPC management services for over 4 years. We have come to intimately know the complexities of PPC advertising as well as the delicate balance oversight required to match its fluidity. In addition, as a Google Certified Partner, we are trained and certified in Google Ads.
For Google Ads campaigns to run efficiently and provide the best ROI, they require careful oversight. The Mauldin Group invests many hours of research before and during a PPC campaign. TMG doesn’t simply plug in your numbers and go, we continually watch for shifts, make changes when necessary and evaluate your PPC performance on a regular basis.
Clients can discontinue their PPC campaigns with a 30-Day Notice. However, as PPC is a component of most TMG marketing services packages and is designed to work hand-in-hand with our marketing strategies, discontinuing PPC can mean discontinuing all TMG services. We advise consulting with Bonnie Mauldin if you have questions about your PPC campaign.
CTR stands for click-through-rate. This is a ratio that shows how many people are clicking on your Ad after viewing it. It’s calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. The total number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions equals your CTR.
Every month The Mauldin Group will provide you with a PPC Performance Report that outlines in detail you PPC campaign. In addition, each PPC client is allowed to have a 1-hour consultation with Bonnie Mauldin to discuss campaign performance.

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