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How to Market to Recruit New Employees: Marketing Strategies for Recruiting

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As a recruiter seeking to hire in a job market that has become increasingly candidate-driven, you understand how difficult it can be to find an ideal candidate for an open position at your company. You may find yourself asking questions such as the following. How do I recruit employees from other companies? How do I attract new hires? How do I advertise open positions? Determining the best marketing strategies for recruiting may also be difficult, and the demand for employees with a diverse skillset increases every single day. Strong candidates are becoming even more valuable as time presses on, and they are easily the most important asset a business can have. Attract qualified candidates and make a compelling case for why they should work for your business by implementing effective recruitment marketing strategies.

Breaking Down Recruitment Into Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies For Recruiting Breakdown

Basically, Candidates have many options of businesses to choose from. If your company doesn’t fit their needs, that highly qualified candidate will work for someone else. So, how can you penetrate this pool of job seekers, grab the talent’s attention, and inspire them to choose your company? Through using the proper marketing strategies for recruiting.

In order to properly compete with other companies and set yourself apart from them, you need to market not only the open position to your ideal candidates but your company as well. A well-balanced recruitment marketing strategy is the perfect way to attract your company’s ideal candidate. Building the perfect recruitment marketing strategy isn’t as intimidating as it seems. After this article, you’ll be able to start your recruitment plan and begin building a strong task force of employees.

Building Awareness

Recruiting strong candidates starts with having an established brand and a workplace that encourages growth within. Additionally, having an established brand helps your company understand and communicate what it is looking for in potential employees, allowing recruiters to accurately break down the ideal candidate persona. This is crucial for deciding which candidates your company should market to. It also helps businesses identify and evaluate what perks they can offer to candidates. In other words, what do you have that other businesses don’t, and what sets you apart?

Furthermore, a strongly branded business shows your company’s passion and attention to detail, which are signs that you care about your company. This, in turn, attracts new, qualified applicants.

So, how do you build your brand?

marketing strategies for recruitingA great way to build your brand and attract not only potential customers, but candidates for positions as well, is to have a strong website. Having a well-built website can establish professionalism. Your website is one of the first things outsiders are going to see about your company when doing their research; it can serve as a first impression. Your website should showcase your employees, your company’s accomplishments, your mission statement, and all that your company represents. A great way to improve your website is with the help of an award-winning marketing agency, such as The Mauldin Group. You can get a free proposal here.


Additionally, you should be marketing your company as a talent destination.

You can do this through:

  • Creating a Learning Culture Within Your Company
  • Providing Strong Coaches and Support To Your Employees
  • Investing in Career Growth For Employees
  • Creating Visual Metrics

Creating Interests With The Proper Tools

In order to attract high-performing candidates, you should work to implement many tools within your marketing strategies for recruiting. Oftentimes, companies when recruiting new hires may not be utilizing resources that are readily available, such as their current employees.

A great strategy to find more employees like the ones you have is through an employee referral program. According to ERIN, a company specializing in employee referral management automation, “$7,500 per hired employee referral is the amount saved in productivity and sourcing costs.” Their findings continue, stating, “45% of employees sourced from employee referrals stay for longer than 4 years, and only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for over 2 years.”

The world around us is constantly

Adapt to the evolving world; it’s crucial for your business. Recruitment, once reliant on word-of-mouth and paper ads, now thrives on online platforms for finding potential hires. The internet allows for a constant flow of information, which makes it more competitive for businesses to attract new employees. To set yourself apart from the competition, it is important to engage on social media, use strong SEO practices, and put your company in the world’s eye.

Managing Online Reputation through Reviews

The internet is also a great place for candidates to review what others have said about working for your company. There are many websites, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, that allow previous employees of a business to rate how they were treated as an employee at any company. Online reviews are seen as a reflection of a business, and brands can improve their ratings by monitoring and managing feedback left on review sites to ensure the employee experience is beneficial.

Additionally, businesses should work to improve their social media presence on platforms that will drive job seekers to the company. LinkedIn is an amazing website for building your company’s brand while also educating potential candidates about your business. Give your LinkedIn profile the makeover it needs to look reputable and attract candidates as well as leads.

Treating Your Candidates Like Coworkers

recruiting by introducing candidates into the workplace

If you want candidates to respect you and your time, reciprocate by respecting theirs. Initial interactions with candidates are crucial as they provide a glimpse into your workplace environment. A great way to do this is by providing timely feedback to potential candidates. In order to do this, make sure you are checking online applications consistently. If you are in the process of considering them for the position, be open with them and let them know. A lack of communication may show a lack of care. Excite potential employees by inviting them to visit your workplace and introducing them to their future colleagues. This furthers their relationship journey with your company and gets them excited to become a part of your team.

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