Review Generation

Review Generation

What Are They Saying About Your Business?

A Good Reputation is Hard To Come By

Good Online Reputation Management is key to survival in a consumer’s online world. In the past many companies experienced great success by word of mouth referrals from existing customers. One neighbor told a friend at church and before you knew it a company’s business was thriving. If an unfortunate customer experience was received, a company would either have the opportunity “make things right” before too much damage occurred or in the worst case, might lose one or two customers due to dissatisfaction. But today, survival of YOUR business requires a custom online reputation management approach from The Mauldin Group.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) With The Mauldin Group Can…

  • Increase the posting of Good Reviews in a More Timely Fashion.
  • Alert to Negative Reviews so that they can be resolved quickly with less reputation damage.
  • Increase qualified leads by building trust for the company through online reviews.
  • Provide efficient review capturing through user-friendly, mobile technology.

Good Reviews Means Increasing Profits

Through the avenues of social media and online reviewing platforms such as Google+, Yelp and Trip Advisor, information can now be shared at hyper speed. Learning the good, the bad and the ugly about YOUR business can instantly be reported to thousands of potential customers at the click of a button.

By promoting good reviews and instantaneous sharing across social media platforms, YOUR business can increase its odds of capturing the interest of potential customers as well as rising to the top of search engine rankings. New customers will see YOU as dependable and trustworthy.

58% of consumers said they have recently (within the past five years) begun leaving more and more online reviews based upon customer service.

Custom ORM, No Copycats Allowed!

At The Mauldin Group, we believe in a custom approach to online reputation management. Cookie cutter online ORM does not work, we’ve seen it too many times. That is why we strive to not only learn about YOUR business but how YOU operate daily.

  • Gain a knowledge of YOUR buyer profile, who YOUR customers are.
  • Observe how You source YOUR online reviews.
  • Investigate issues relating to negative reviews.
  • Advise on ways to increase YOUR good reviews and actively address any negative ones quickly.
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Get To Know Your ORM - FAQs

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online reputation management can be considered a wide area. In simplest terms, it is typically managing online reviews. Most often these reviews are posted via Google, Facebook or an online reviewing platforms such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Essentially it is increasing good reviews while decreasing the negative reviews.

How Does The Mauldin Group Address ORM?

At The Mauldin Group we are certified partners of one of the leading ORM technology providers. Our team uses this technology to help our clients implement reviews capturing, monitor reviews and build a solid good reputation for the business.

How Much Will TMG's ORM Cost?

Online Reputation Management is affordably available as a part of all of our service packages.

Will I Have To Monitor My ORM?

No, The Mauldin Group team is alerted with reviews are posted for our ORM clients. We will immediately let you know if there is a negative review that needs resolution or a good review you may wish to respond to with a Thank you.

ORM Can Increase Or Destroy Your Profits

Custom Online Reputation management is no longer a luxury, as online shopping continues to increase exponentially, positive online reviews are becoming even more crucial to sales. On average it can take up to five reviews before a consumer will even consider a product for purchase. And with three stars or less in a review, many online shoppers will pass your business by. We at The Mauldin Group understand the complexities of ORM but more importantly we understand how it plays into meeting YOUR business’s goals for brand reputation and sales goals.

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