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Custom SEO Services From The Mauldin Group

Custom SEO Services from The Mauldin Group

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective strategies for drawing organic traffic to your site, ultimately helping generate more conversions and revenue. It enables your website to appear at the top of the results pages on search engines like Google, which makes it easier for your customers to find your products and services. To get the most value out of SEO, it must be designed and customized to the unique goals of your business.

Whether your goal is boosting brand awareness, generating more website traffic, attracting prospective customers, or expanding your business, SEO is the strategy to help you achieve success. In addition to other marketing and advertising services, The Mauldin Group offers custom SEO plans tailored to the trends within your industry and the needs of your specific business, allowing the customers most interested in your offerings to find your website more easily.

Our Professional SEO Process

The Mauldin Group recognizes that no single SEO strategy works for all businesses. Our proprietary formula is intended to help identify your business goals and pinpoint your exact needs for website optimization.

We utilize a tried-and-true process for devising custom SEO plans. This process incorporates thorough research, monitoring, and reporting to personalize an SEO strategy for your unique business. Our custom SEO plans include:

Keyword research and analysis
Keyword research and analysis

Determining the keywords most valuable to your business and assessing them for search volume, cost per click, and other factors to establish how to incorporate them into your content.

On-page optimization
On-page optimization

Looking at the effectiveness of your web pages in terms of content quality, speed, use of multimedia, and overall design.

Internal linking
Internal linking

Including hyperlinks to related pages on your website to provide customers with further knowledge and keep them on your site.

Link building
Link building

Optimizing content to encourage other websites to link to pages on your site.

Content creation
Content creation

Drafting content, such as landing pages and blogs, and optimizing them with target keywords and keyphrases.

Search engine rankings monitoring
Search engine rankings monitoring

Auditing your website to detect areas where your SEO strategy can be improved.

We also analyze your competitors to provide new ideas for your SEO strategy that answer evolving customer inquiries and demands. Following industry news, we help clients understand changes and how they may impact their SEO strategies and overall business.

Developing deep relationships
with clients

Megan Morse

Bonnie is my marketing coach and I am blown away by her knowledge and expertise and even more by her genuine, sincere, and positive spirit! She has challenged me to think bigger and help my business grow! I highly recommend Bonnie and The Mauldin Group to anyone trying to grow their business or build a brand. Bonnie really is the best at what she does!

Beverly Hathorn

Ms. Mauldin is very knowledgeable and professional – she provided very good insight on steps to move my business forward, and I came away with a well-designed, workable marketing plan. I am very happy with the service I received, and I plan to continue working with her going forward. She’s very easy to talk to, and I highly recommend her services!

Melinda H

Bonnie Mauldin and Team are a class act. We absolutely love our new website and the branding advice we received has been extremely helpful. Their attention to detail, timeliness, and creativity are excellent. We (Salisbury Advisors) highly recommend The Mauldin Group for digital marketing needs.

Melissa Anthony

The Mauldin Group immediately understood our business model, asked great questions and provided excellent ideas during our Marketing Planning Session. They brought tremendous value and we now have a much clearer road map. I highly recommend their services!

How Does SEO Work?

When discussing digital marketing, a common metric is rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). Ranking refers to where a website lands in these results pages, with the most relevant hits for a particular keyword or user appearing at the top. Search engines like Google often customize SERP based on the user’s data, including location and past searches.

SEO leverages multiple resources to optimize content, helping websites organically reach the top of SERP. Through using keywords, earning inbound links from other sites, and similar techniques, your pages can gain a higher ranking and your website becomes more visible.

A key component of SEO marketing is that it constantly changes. A page may rank high for a while and then begin to sink lower because of growing competition for similar keywords. This is why The Mauldin Group offers continuous monitoring of SERP to ensure your pages stay optimized to reach your target audiences.

How Does SEO Works
Why Custom SEO Services Matter

Why Custom SEO Services Matter

When browsing search results on Google, most Internet users won’t scroll past the first page. This means that even having the most user-friendly and visually appealing website is not always enough to draw the attention of potential customers. If prospective customers cannot find your business online, you miss out on a primary way to increase revenue.

Instead, your website requires proper optimization for customers to find it on a search engine. A customized SEO strategy from The Mauldin Group delivers greater qualified leads and more traffic. The more organic traffic your website generates, the higher the chances of attracting people specifically interested in your products and services.

As SEO enables you to increase website traffic naturally, it can help lower the costs your sales team spends following false leads. You can allocate resources more effectively and achieve the desired results your for business.

Custom SEO services go a step further, tailoring the strategy not only to your business and industry but also to the goals, customers, and precise timeframe of your overall digital marketing plan. In other words, a custom SEO plan empowers you to market to the customers actively searching for what you offer when they are ready to make a purchase.

Search Engine Journal

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.


57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

Internet Live Stats

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

Reasons to Consider Custom SEO Services

Traffic to your website has decreased recently, and you aren’t sure why. Prospective customers seem unable to locate your website during their searches. This has led to a lower volume of qualified leads.

Custom SEO services are also beneficial when you’re launching a new website and need to generate new business quickly. Instead of spending time researching your industry and optimizing the site yourself, leave the job in the trusted hands of The Mauldin Group to see results faster. For more knowledge on SEO and the advantage of our custom SEO services, explore our blog.

When you find your business in this situation, it’s time to invest in a custom SEO strategy. Besides increasing traffic to your site and rankings on SERP, custom SEO services from The Mauldin Group can also deliver the following benefits:

Ensures your branding is updated and consistent across your website and other channels

Ensures your branding is updated and consistent across your website and other channels

Saves your marketing team time on optimizing your content and website to focus on other tasks

Saves your marketing team time on optimizing your content and website to focus on other tasks

Helps you stay on top of new developments in your industry to remain competitive

Helps you stay on top of new developments in your industry to remain competitive


SEO Marketing eBook

For a more extensive overview of SEO marketing, including key concepts and a detailed description of the strategy, download our eBook today. You can also explore other eBooks tailored to specific industries.

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Individualized Digital Marketing Services to Meet Your Needs

SEO is just one piece of a larger digital marketing strategy for maximizing your online presence and connecting with qualified leads. In addition to custom SEO, The Mauldin Group delivers the following services to help augment your digital marketing approach. The Mauldin Group offers the following services to help take your company “to the top”.

SEO Marketing and Advertising Services at
The Mauldin Group

If you’re ready to see real results with website traffic and qualified leads, choose The Mauldin Group for custom SEO Services. We don’t see digital marketing as a one-and-done service, working in close collaboration with clients to help them realize their goals. Each business we serve has a dedicated Account Manager that provides tailored campaign reports and conducts monthly consultations to offer new ideas for augmenting results.

We get to know our clients on a deeper level to understand where they hope to be in the next year and several years down the road. This approach not only empowers us to personalize SEO services to meet your needs but also helps us form a lasting relationship built on commitment and trust.

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