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Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Best CRM for a Small Business

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CRM software is not the sole solution when looking for what best meets your company’s needs. Your business needs a company that can help you distinguish which elements of a CRM fit your unique situation. You need CRM training, CRM development and CRM management services, you need The Mauldin Group. Click here to Get Started with a Free Trial!

Best CRM for a small business

Let The Mauldin Group Be Your CRM Manager

The Mauldin Group is Atlanta’s leading CRM specialist. Offering CRM development, CRM strategy consulting and CRM management services, our team will assess your company’s unique needs and deliver a customized CRM solution. With a dedication to superior customer service, our attention to detail makes us stand out against other CRM agencies.

From the first-touch, tracking your customers effectively will improve your quality of service and lead to better customer retention. But, the many vital small tasks that happen between sourcing qualified leads and closing the customer sale often can fall through the cracks, leading to lost customers and a frustrated sales force. A CRM can track every detail from that first sourced lead through the marketing channel to close of sale.

The Mauldin Group CRM Solutions

Not All CRMs Are Alike

We can provide you with a CRM solution that gives the benefits of:

Optimized Communication – Good communication is critical when dealing with potential and existing customers. Having a single dashboard that provides you with a full picture of the contact as well as the ability to sync between your mobile phone and desktop saves you time, and the customers frustration. Communication it optimized to provide efficient, accurate, continuous and crucial contact.
Improved Data Organization – Your marketing and sales data is everything. Without it, your company is lost. Having a CRM can assure your data is collected efficiently, consistently updated, reported accurately and accessible 24/7.
Good Customer Service – Imagine your customer representatives and sales team having the ability to instantly access the history of a customer. A CRM can give your company the ability to confidently meet customer needs in seconds, so that your team not only look like stars, but feels like them too.
Lifesaving Marketing Automation – Companies are often operating on tight budget with limited staff. This is especially true of small businesses. Add to this the hundreds of tasks that go with even the smallest marketing programs and employee frustration can quickly lead to staff turn-over. A solid marketing automation program can efficiently automate these tasks freeing up your sales team to follow up on qualified leads and make the sale. Marketing becomes streamlined and manageable to deliver optimal results.

A Good CRM Is the Key to Profitability

While most company leaders will agree good customer relationship management is crucial to all operations of business, few can tell you what makes a good CRM. Unfortunately, most companies only think about a CRM as an afterthought when it becomes urgently clear that one is needed to manage a faltering customer experience. But, in truth a good CRM can lead to several positive aspects for your business including profitability. The problem is finding it and that is where The Mauldin Group comes in.

Our CRM consulting services will establish what your business needs are and provide you with a CRM that automates marketing, streamlines the sales process, defines the ordering process and provides exceptional customer service.


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