Are You Marketing Blindly?

Marketing Without A Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report
Is Like Driving Without GPS

At The Mauldin Group we are all about using digital marketing to help businesses gain their share of the target market. But knowing what the market looks like is key to planning a well-performing marketing strategy that delivers results. That is why we offer clients a Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan (CAMP) Report that shows in great detail the external opportunities and threats their company is facing from competitors as well as, their own marketing strengths and weaknesses in terms of branding.

What A Competitive Analysis & Branding Report Does For You

Whether your business has been operating for tens of years or is brand new, having a Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report performed can give you insights into what is needed to make your company rise to the top of Google searches. We deliver crucial information on not just your brand standing but also that of your top three competitors.

We provide you with valuable insights on where your business stands and what to do to make it stand out! With the information gained from our CAMP Report, your marketing campaign can change from being a shot in the dark to a hyper-targeted marketing strategy that is efficient, cost-effective and delivers results.

Check Out The Valuable Information A Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report Can Give You:

SEO Search Traffic and Rankings
You see where you and your competitors currently stand in the Google Searches.

Social Media Posting Patterns and Engagement
You learn how to optimize your social media for optimal performance and engagement.

Website Branding Review
You learn how to make your most valuable tool work better for online marketing.

Online Reviews and Reputation Ratings
You learn how to increase positive reviews posting; to put a spin on negative reviews; how to use reviews to your best advantage.

Opportunities and Threats
You learn what external opportunities and threats your company’s marketing is facing from your top three (3) competitors.

Using the extensive knowledge gained by The Mauldin Group’s Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report, clients can restructure their marketing strategy to be more effective and engaging with their target market. We will also show you how to position your brand above the competition to become immediately recognizable in both your target market and your industry.

Check Out How The Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report Delivers Profitable Branding Insights:

Web Presence Branding or Rebranding Strategy – You learn exactly where your brand is currently positioned and ways a rebranding strategy can increase your brand’s position.

Strengths and Weaknesses – You learn what the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s current status are in the digital marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy – You learn responsible, cost-effective ways to increase your SEO.

Social Media Strategy – You learn where your best social media efforts should be placed to increase engagement.

Video Production, Blogging and Email Marketing Strategy – You learn what content is best for your target market and how to effectively share it.

Public Relations Strategy – You are given ideas on how to enact or enhance your current public relations to gain a greater share of the B2B market and build a reputation as an Influencer in your industry.

The Three Steps of The Mauldin Group’s Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report:

  1. Conversation – One or more members of The Mauldin Group’s expert marketing team meets with you for 90 minutes for an in-depth interview and to audit your company’s current brand and marketing situation.
  2. Investigation – We go into detective mode and research your top three (3) competitors’ online presence.
  3. Realization–The Mauldin Group’s teamdelivers a full report on where your brand stands against your competitors. We summarize a brand and marketing plan of action. The CAMP Report provides advisement for strategic marketing advancement within your target market.

The Mauldin Group’s Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan Report Puts You On The Road To Profitability

The Mauldin Group’s Competitive Analysis &Marketing Plan Report gives companies an expertly devised “roadmap” to follow when planning their marketing budget and strategy. For businesses that are looking for advisement to help them make the important decision of choosing to market on their own or hire an outside marketing agency, the CAMP report clarifies what actions (and the labor involved) are needed to attain their marketing goals.

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