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When It Comes To Our Process, We To Paint The Picture Of Success

The Mauldin Group is experienced in bringing great content together with a solid email marketing campaign services and strategies to harness customer engagement and encourage calls to action. Using graphic design, creative writing and in some case dynamic video, The Mauldin Group can design newsletters, e-blasts and Drip campaigns that inform, entertain and engage.

Our Process is Creative But, Strategic

  • Creative Newsletters – As technology continues to drive our lives, users are becoming much more graphically responsive. At TMG our creative content marketing will design a newsletter template that meshes with your branding’s colors, font and messaging. Our text content is written to provide interest for the readers and drive them to follow that Call To Action.
  • Make Email Campaigns Easy and Manageable – Email campaigns are great if done properly. But, if not managed well, can quickly result in inconsistent communications and subscriber loss. The TMG team will design, set up and manage a targeted email marketing campaign that meets your marketing goals. Depending on your company’s specific needs we can create automated email campaigns to strategically meet your customer’s journey within your sales funnel.
  • Design eBlasts – eBlasts can be epic sales tools. Highlighting specials, promoting events, driving customer sales frenzy and dispersing coupons, eBlasts can quickly grab a readers’ interest in a BIG way. At TMG, we design eBlasts that quickly communicate the message, convey the urgency of action and can create the perfect element of excitement.
  • Optimizing Email Lists – The TMG team will work with you to grow your email list to not just increase numbers but, to increase qualified leads! We will work with your business to offer sound advice on building up your newsletter list and meet your email marketing goals.

With an estimated 80% of retail professionals believing that Email Marketing is their greatest tool for customer retention, your message needs to be attention grabbing, exciting and be click-worthy. At The Mauldin Group, we know the value of a great email campaign especially to those in the B2B world. Think email marketing is dead? Well you are wrong!

As of 2017, there are 3.7 Billion Global Email Users. This number is predicted to grow to 4.1 Billion Users by 2021.

Hello…It’s Me

Don’t Treat Your Email Marketing Like An Adele Song

No offense to Adele, but with billions of email users at stake, your company’s email marketing needs to not just carry a soulful message, it needs to drive readers to action. And, with 73% of millennials identifying email as their preferred means of business communication, it is no wonder that B2B leaders choose email as their third most affective source of communication.

Outshine your Competition with Superior Campaigns

For today’s email marketing to compete in the competitive Internet marketing world, it takes more than just gaining the infamous email address. A company’s email marketing campaign has to be creative, capture interest and have style.

Your business email should:

  • Be visually appealing-incorporating images: GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs.
  • Incorporate video.
  • Have a CTA (Call To Action)
  • Speak directly to the reader’s interests, needs or goals.
  • Highlight your products and services in an attention-getting way.
  • Clearly and efficiently communicate your message.

Nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day; this number is expected to reach 246 billion before 2020.

Whoever Said Emails Can’t Be Creative, Never Met Our Design Team

At The Mauldin Group, our team of expert graphic designers and copywriters love a challenge. For our team, coming up with a message that is so attention grabbing that your audience can’t help but click the link, stirs up our creative juices. When we design an email campaign, we look not only at the written messaging but what we can do graphically, to knock the socks off your customers.

A study of 1 billion emails revealed that video emails see CTRs 96% higher than non-video emails.

Email Marketing offers the easiest way to reach your customers, both existing and future, in an efficient, trust building way. Ready to make the award-winningemail marketing company with Atlanta’s most creative team, The Mauldin Group, part of your marketing strategy. Then Contact Us Now or Call 678-573-9895.


Email Marketing is still the most widely used form of business communication. It offers the best way for businesses to provide customers valuable information that creates trust, leads them to action and builds that personal relationship.

Yes, however there are lots of ways of doing this. Through business transactions asking for the email at the end of a sale. Through social media campaigns. And, the most common, by having a newsletter link on your website.

No, The Mauldin Group can set you up with the perfect emailing platform that affordably and technically meets your company’s email marketing needs.

It really depends on the goals of your email marketing campaign, the type of message and your users. If you are simply sending out an informative newsletter, one time a month could be perfect. If you are trying to increase retail sales through weekly specials or coupons, more frequent emails may be called for. At TMG, we can assess the type of emails your audiences needs and create an email marketing campaign that meets your goals.

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