How Much Leverage Does Your Business Have When It Comes To Qualified Leads?

Imagine having a direct line to the decision makers for purchasing your services and products.

No more sifting through expensive, out-sourced data spreadsheets to only find that less than 20% of the contacts are qualified leads or have correct contact information. For years businesses have relied on old-fashioned data gathering technologies to source leads. Then were forced to use valuable internal sales labor to qualify those leads often ending in frustration and wasted assets. It’s time to leverage lead generation to your advantage with The Mauldin Group’s Leverage LinkedIn Service.

Using The “Right” Leverage You Can Open Any Door

LinkedIn is the Number #1 source for business networking and B2B marketing. Warehousing valuable contact information, millions of business professionals use it as a resource for networking, building an influencer online presence, talent recruitment and content marketing.

For many years LinkedIn has diligently kept a tight reign on their valuable “connections” information. Waiting for the most advanced technology to securely share it in a way that LinkedIn could assure protected the integrity of its users while benefitting business professionals globally.

Why LinkedIn For B2B Marketing?

  • LinkedIn has over 610 million users.
  • 45% of Users are in Upper Management.
  • 80% of B2B Leads on Social Media are from LinkedIn.
  • 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use LinkedIn.

Using The “Right” Leverage You Can Open Any Door

LinkedIn is the Number #1 source for business networking. Yet many business professionals do not know how to leverage LinkedIn to their advantage.

Leveraging LinkedIn Marketing

The Mauldin Group has designed the Leverage LinkedIn Service to harness the power of The Mauldin Group’s very own proprietary software for LinkedIn. This new, high performing, cloud-based software for lead generation is changing the way we approach the sales funnel.

With our customized marketing program, clients are experiencing dynamic lead generation results never seen before.

The Mauldin Group creates a strategic marketing plan that incorporates Linkedin Marketing tools along with The Mauldin Group’s very own proprietary software for LinkedIn dynamic lead generation capabilities. As a Linkedin Marketing Agency, we then creatively design communication materials that capture decision maker attention and encourage responses to your call-to-action.

With The Mauldin Group’s Leverage LinkedIn Marketing Service, clients can frequently see qualified leads within days. Even better, using our strategic marketing plan these leads often turn into contracts!

Features of The Mauldin Group’s Leverage LinkedIn Service:

  • One-to-One Marketing Consultation
  • Sales Funnel Review
  • A Customized Marketing Strategy Plan
  • Dedicated Marketing Campaign Support
  • Creative Marketing Materials
  • Copywriting Services (limited to service guidelines)
  • Branding Review
  • Dedicated Account Manager

With The Mauldin Group’s Leverage LinkedIn Marketing, You Rise To The Top!

We handle it all. The beauty of our program is that we handle all aspects of your LinkedIn B2B Marketing to assure the greatest results. The Mauldin Group will customize your website, create an impressive sales sheets, write monthly blog articles and create email messages to prompt a response from the decision makers you are seeking.

Ready to let The Mauldin Group’s Leverage LinkedIn Service leverage your business to success?
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What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

Before starting the Leverage LinkedIn Service, clients are advised to review and update their LinkedIn Profile. Unsure how to “leverage” your LinkedIn Profile to stand out? The Mauldin Group offers a LinkedIn Profile Makeover that can make your online presence one to remember.

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