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The Mauldin Group Offers Media Buying You Can Trust

Media Buying or media planning, is a wonderful tool in the digital marketing arsenal. However, to do it correctly takes great skills and research. Often marketing agencies will offer you media buying as a side note to their PPC services. At The Mauldin Group, we believe media planning and buying requires expertise and close scrutiny of a skilled media buying team to assure the advertising your company purchases delivers the results you deserve.

Media Planning, Then Media Buying…One Step At A Time

When it comes to advertising via traditional media nothing should be taken for granted. To make the most of your business’s Ad dollars, your media purchase needs careful planning. Your media buying strategy should include careful review and research of your industry, services, buyer persona and even competitors. But, it does not stop there. Your media buying process has to also take into account, the messaging, ad scheduling and distribution channel.

While U.S. TV Ad Spend Dropped to 31.6% in 2017, Digital Ad Spend Climbs To $107B In 2018 Forbes

Cross-Channel Advertising As Part of Our Media Buying Process

Working with one of the most skilled and experiencedmedia buying teams in Atlanta, The Mauldin Group offers cross-channel or cross-platformmedia buying services across several channels. With over 18 years’ experience, our team has performed both on the sales and agency sides of advertising making them expert media buying negotiators. This experience has allowed them to build strong relationships with media vendors, increasing our buying power and the savings to our clients.

Our cross-channel buying includes:

  • Television
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Search
  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Outdoor
  • Print

At The Mauldin Group, we know that media buying is not a quick decision for many business owners. It takes a lot of consideration to budget and ROI. With so many variables, Media Buying should never be approached as aguessing game. That is why our team carefully researches all options before providing clients with a solid, results-driven media buying strategy.

When ready to make that step, The Mauldin Group, an award-winning marketing agencyand Certified Google Partner,is here to help you plan a solid media buying strategy that meets with your company’s desired goals. For more information Contact Us Now or Call 678-846-2306.


Media Planning, or Media Buying, is amarketing process of strategically scheduling (or buying)advertising on media channels or platforms. These Ads are planned out to meet goals ascertained from careful market research.

This is when a media buying plan uses several “channels” or platforms as part of its strategy. The campaign goal is to offer ads that are cohesive, recognizable and memorable across several platforms. Ex. A product may show up as a TV Commercial that appears as a slightly different Print Ad in a newspaper, and a different Ad as social media post on Facebook.

The best way is by using a Media Buyer. A media buyer is trained, skilled and experienced in researching to find the best media buys that produce the greatest ROI.

Generally certain mediums such as radio will have a standard rate card they quote for advertising pricing. However, you will end up paying more for this. A media buyer is familiar with the media marketplace and can often negotiate a much better offer.

At The Mauldin Group we believe you should always be able to track your ROI. This is why we only deal with reputable sources that provide accurate tracking measures. In addition, we firmly believe in careful, frequent oversight as all Paid Advertising can have its moments of fluidity.

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