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Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective outlets for establishing a company’s brand recognition and increasing customer relationships. Yet just because it involves marketing does not mean it can’t be fun. At The Mauldin Group we approach social media, as it should be, being social.

Mauldin Group Social Media Manager, Nicole Sciortino


The Mauldin Group’s social media Manager, Nicole Sciortino wins National Social Media Championship

In the past, customer referrals have been built by word of mouth, but with today’s digitally driven way of life, customer referrals and relationships are built at more impactful rate. To build a brand, all companies need to embrace social media marketing as part of their strategy and get social!

Social Media Marketing With The Mauldin Group Can...

  • Help Make Your Brand Instantly Recognizable
  • Build A Community of Followers
  • Create Shareable Content
  • Reduce Your Time Spent Managing Social Media
  • Communicate Consistently With Your Social Media Community

3.196 billion global social media users in 2018, equaling 42% penetration. We Are Social

Customers can now share good and negative reviews via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at rates equaling thousands within minutes. And now as video becomes even more prevalent on traditional social media platforms, marketers are catching up to the benefits of launching new products and services by reaching directly to potential customers with the share of a Facebook Live, IGTV or YouTube video. Companies can now launch a product campaign, share discounts, train customers and close sales all via social media.

Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter. ~ Hootsuite

Social Media Management Takes Time, Expertise and Strategy

Savvy companies can use their loyal customers to promote sales via the sharing of reviews, cutting down instantly on traditional advertising costs. It can also help to generate new leads and gain new partnerships in the B2B industries. Social media marketing increases traffic to your website, improves search engine rankings, and reduces marketing expenses. But for social media marketing to work effectively a business needs the expertise of a knowledgeable and creative team who can strategically plan postings and generate creative, engaging content.

This is especially true as Instagram positions itself to quickly leading the social media platforms for storytelling, graphics and now…video with IGTV. At TMG we continually watch for new trends, training our team and our clients on the latest social media marketing strategies. We work closely with our content marketing team to develop, customized branded images and videos that work within the Instagram community to build recognizable brands with unforgettable messaging.

Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking.
~ Marketing Sherpa

With the numbers of social media users growing daily, any company can experience great benefits by finding their target social media audience. The Mauldin Group is experienced and effective at using social media marketing to build company brands and enhance customer engagement. By monitoring of detailed monthly reporting and strategic, designing creative messaging, and building customized marketing campaigns, The Mauldin Group provides results that effectively help companies to build a solid social media online presence.

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Yes. While your company may not necessarily find your audience on Facebook, posting to LinkedIn could help you make valuable B2B connections. Furthermore, chances are your customers will be searching you out to learn about your company and offer reviews across platforms such as Twitter.

At The Mauldin Group we offer social media marketing from setup to monitoring to daily posting and communications.

At The Mauldin Group we have created a proprietary, marketing services packages that offers our clients the best options for success. After 4 years we have found that for clients to experience the greatest success in reaching their marketing goals, it requires a full-rounded strategy that includes several marketing tools not just social media.

Every month The Mauldin Group will provide you with a Social Media Marketing Report that outlines in detail you Social Media campaign. In addition, each TMG client is allowed to have a 1-hour consultation with the team to discuss campaign strategy and performance.

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