by The Mauldin Group The Mauldin Group

Company Time Management Sucks If You’re Not Doing It Right

The Mauldin Group, Your Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Asks, “Is Your Company Time Management Being Done Right?”

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, The Mauldin Group understands that businesses often look at profitability and loss in terms of money only. Yet Time Management is probably the biggest contributor to company success and losses. Good time management, is a key component to keeping operations costs down, employees happy, and increasing profits. But, if your company has an ill-performing time management plan or no plan at all, chances are your time management sucks! Read more

by Jinna Marbry Jinna Marbry

How to Build A Sales Team That Closes The Sale

The Mauldin Group Shares 5 Steps On How To Build A Sales Team

No matter how small or large your business, sales plays a crucial role in profitability. And for most companies this means successfully mastering five strategic steps from recruitment to close of sale. The Mauldin Group, a premier Digital Marketing Agency supporting clients throughout the United States, understands these steps and has developed customized solutions to help our clients master teach step to having stronger sales teams who can close the sale. So, how do you build a sales team? Read more