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YOUR Custom Website Should Reflect YOUR Unique Business

YOUR Custom Website Should Reflect YOUR Unique Business

WordPress have become the standard for most websites due to its flexibility in customization and ease of updating. Still, technology changes quickly. A website should be updated at least every 3-4 years. While many small business owners may gravitate to a “freebie” site platform, they quickly find the development side of these platforms cumbersome. In addition, they have virtually NO SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) capability. In the end, you are left with a website that does not reflect the personality of your business and looks like your competitor… who wants that!

At The Mauldin Group we know what can come up with a website design plan that affordably meets YOUR company needs while making YOU stand out from the crowd! We can provide customized design options that create a stunning, engaging website that is the foundation of your digital marketing plan. In addition, the websites we design have capabilities for future expansion so that your website can grow right along with YOUR business.

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Added Website Features Include:

Live Chat
Appointment setting
Event Registration
Online Payments
Video Production

If YOUR current website isn't customized to your needs, YOU are missing out

The Mauldin Group understands the complex architecture of developing a good, highly performing website. But even more important we understand the individuality and crucial messaging that is needed to connect, engage and communicate with YOUR clients and customers.

When it comes to marketing YOUR business, a website is the critical cornerstone for any industry. No longer can a business owner rely on reputation and word of mouth, no matter how great they are. A custom website is YOUR business card to the world. It speaks to YOUR customers in a very personal way communicating how you can provide solutions to their problems, speak to their desires and, meet their wants and needs.

Custom is the Word! You know YOUR customers and how you can meet their needs you’re your services and products. The last thing you need is a marketing company pushing cookie cutter website solutions that don’t communicate YOUR brand or YOUR message!

If YOUR Current Website Isn't Customized To Your Needs, YOU Are Missing Out

YOUR Custom Website should…

  • Offer easy navigation – Remember you only have 15 seconds to capture visitor interest!
  • Communicate YOUR message
  • Inform your visitors of YOUR business service and product solutions
  • Make YOU look like the knowledgeable industry expert YOU are!
  • Lead customers to a Call To Action
  • Protect YOUR company by being ADA Compliant, and if needed, HIPAA Compliant
  • Be visually impactful
  • Inspire confidence and trust in your business in the Digital World
  • Get you sales!
  • Perform flawlessly
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Website Design and Development eBook

For a more extensive overview of Website Design and Development, including key concepts and a detailed description of the strategy, download our eBook today. You can also explore other eBooks tailored to specific industries.

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Web Development with Great Results!

The Mauldin Group has a creative team that offers website development along with SEO, content management and graphic design all in one place. This keeps our projects affordable and carefully managed. A One-Of-A-Kind website requires One-Of-A-Kind experts. At The Mauldin Group we deliver customized, stunning websites with exceptional SEO. We develop YOUR website to assure that YOUR message is clear, communicates trust, and knowledge driving YOUR customers and clients to action.

YOUR website is the most important tool in your Digital Marketing Arsenal. Most likely this is the spot your potential customers and clients will land on BEFORE they consider reaching out to you. They want to learn about YOU, YOUR company and what YOU have to offer to them. This your 1st impression! Cutting corners by hiring an amateur webs developer or using a template “freebie” platform will only result in a website that is less that what you want or need. At The Mauldin Group we understand that budgets are important for every business. That is why we offer several website packages, as well as customizable options, to allow you the best website for YOUR budget.

Web Development With Great Results

Award-Winning Web Design Services

Content is King

Often clients think that the construction – framework is the critical part of website BUT, actually it’s in the content where the decisions are made. At The Mauldin Group we have one of the best, most talented content development teams in the business.

Web Design & Development

Working with one of the most creative website teams in the business, we carry our commitment to designing and developing a website that is no like no other. We seek to give YOU a customized service experience AND a customized look!

Web Transfer and Web Hosting

YOUR Website Is Ready to Launch! At The Mauldin Group we know that nothing can be more frustrating than to have that amazing website ready to go but being stalled when it comes to the launch. That is why our developers are trained in the intricacies of the website launch process. An added bonus is that The Mauldin Group also provides premier web hosting as an option for our website clients. The added benefits are your website is built on our platform so that once approved we can have you up and running in less than half the time of a website migration.

Who knows your website better than the ones who built it?

Offering very competitive web hosting fees, we also include one hour of maintenance as part our monthly web hosting. We make sure your amazing website stays secure, efficient and up to date. In addition, we offer affordable optional hourly website services so you can keep your website customized with the great new offerings of YOUR business.

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