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Website Design Services

Top Atlanta Developers for WordPress Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance Services

  • We develop in WordPress, the standard for website design.
  • We retain one of the most creative, knowledgeable marketing teams inhouse offering: website design, PPC, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, video production, and graphic design.

  • We provide several affordable website design options that can meet small, medium and large business needs.
  • On average, we deliver websites at one-half the normal timeframe thanks to a proprietary, streamlined website development process.

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Added Website Features Include:

You Need A Website Design Services Company That Keeps Delivering

Who Is The Mauldin Group?

Every business must have a website. There, we said it! Gone are the days where flyers and word of mouth brought business to the door. In order to compete in today’s smart device world, consumers need to not only find you on the web but, find you quickly. With a team of 12 industry specialists retaining over 30 years of combined experience, The Mauldin Group understands that for a business to harness critical SEO power, they need website design services company that continues to deliver long after the website is built.

Are Your Website Design Services Affordable?

The Mauldin Group understands that a website isn’t just a marketing tool for your business. A website must communicate with your potential customers and clients in a very personal way. In addition, your website must function at the speed of light to work optimally on today’s smart devices. Many design firms will charge you tens of thousands for website design and take months to develop it.  The Mauldin Group prides itself in making website design affordable to every business and delivering it in about half the time of other website design companies.

Where Is The Mauldin Group Located?

The Mauldin Group is located in Roswell, Georgia, serving small, medium and large businesses. While we have a large local client list, we also work with companies nationwide and globally.

How Does The Mauldin Group's Website Design Services Work?

Your time is important, so we have a very streamlined process for onboarding our web design clients. Our process works like this:

A Discovery Call

To assess if our services meet your unique needs.

A Website And Marketing Consultation

To discuss the best plan of action to help you reach your goals.

A Website Plan

We develop a customized website design specific to your business.


Our team goes into action to get you ranking at the top for your services.

Will I Be Happy With The Results?

Awesome Feedback From One of Our Clients…

Working with the Mauldin Group has been an amazing experience. I would be what you consider a “demanding” client, and I have been very impressed with how responsive and attentive they have been to making edits as I have requested. The customer service is truly top notch. I’d recommend them to anyone. My website gets compliments regularly, and its all their credit for that. Its truly a competitive advantage for your business to work with this team. Look forward to continuing to grow with them!

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Ready For The Mauldin Group To Be Your Web Design Company?

At The Mauldin Group, we believe a website is more than just a marketing tool. It is THE marketing tool! As a website design services company with a long history of building websites for a wide range of businesses, we know that each design is personal and unique.

Make 2020 the decade for your brand! The Mauldin Group is ready to take your company, whether small, medium or global, from the bottom to the top with a customized website that optimizes your SEO rankings to their fullest and makes your message clear, “I Am Ready for Your Business!” Choose your next step below…

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