What Is Geofencing?

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What Is Geofencing?

FAQ…What Is Geofencing?

Recently we highlighted how Burger King used its new BK Whopper Detour App and geofencing to target a special whopper for 1¢ discount. A marketing campaign that has so far paid off in over 6 million downloads and placing the app in the #1 Downloaded App spot on the Apple App Store.
But, for many people the questions are how does this technology work and…What is geofencing?

What is Geofencing and how can my business use it?

Geofencing is a geographically based technology that most often triggers an action when the virtual boundary is crossed. The technology uses GPS, RFID, and WiFi via a Mobile App or software to deliver a programmed CTA, notification or message. While frequently used in many, daily operations such as security, the use of geofencing is becoming much more popular in the marketing industry.

With the ability of geofencing to target specific customers in an area or the direct traffic to a certain business, this technology is becoming a vital part of the marketing landscape. In particular, its use is growing due in part to the ability of companies to now focus and strategize their PPC and marketing ads down to the tiniest of details, capturing the exact customers they desire who are ready to act.


Examples of Marketing Uses:

  • Uploading Personalized Coupons when entering a grocery store
  • Sending a “Welcome” Text Message when entering a new business
  • Pushing Notifications to a new target market when opening a new business
  • Alerting Customers to Specials when close to the business (or a Competitor’s business)
  • Sending Targeted Ads on Social Media

Examples of Daily Operations Uses:

  • Home Security – triggering lights to come on
  • Commercial Security – pushing notifications when someone enters a high-security area
  • Smart Home Technology – Turning on lights when you get close to home
  • Safety – Disabling technology devices in areas for safety; ex. hospitals, airports, etc.

The Mauldin Group Offers Premier Services That Use Geofencing

Ever wondered how you could use geofencing to take your marketing to the top? The Mauldin Groups offers a variety of services that can use geofencining technology to reach your ideal market and increase your qualified leads, brand recognition and new sales.  Contact Us Now or 678-582-9376. We can make 2019 the year you soar from the bottom to the top!


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