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How To Rock Your Next Zoom Meeting

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BasicallyInternet Marketing In A Virtual Business World

Let’s face it, even the most qualified of Internet Marketers has been thrown a loop with the covid-19 pandemic. Basically, we all have been sent scrambling to re-process our business practices to accommodate clients who have had to literally change their businesses to online sales and services with a moment’s notice. And those of us in internet marketing, have had to embrace the virtual meeting space of Zoom with commitment to putting on a great face even when we are sitting in pjs in our home offices. So, here are a few tips to help you rock your next Zoom meeting like a pro!

Are You Using Zoom Meetings As A Part Of Your Internet Marketing? You Should Be!

internet-marketing-zoom-featureGet comfortable BEFORE the big meeting. Yes, this is a new environment, but thanks to Zoom it is a very user-friendly one. Don’t wait until your first meeting with a client to learn about all of its features. Hold a team meeting (or even two) first to learn the tweaks needed for a successful meeting.

Check out Zoom’s tutorials. Zoom has several tutorials that come in handy for first-time and frequent users. Also, make sure to check them out here.

Basic Zoom is FREE. Part of the beauty of Zoom is that for its basic service it is FREE. Whether you are an internet marketing agency or a small business offering healthcare, manufacturing, construction or education services, Zoom has a solution that fits your needs. Here are some other plans that fit even the largest companies.

Put your best face forward. Okay so yes working in your home office means being a bit more comfortable. That said, treat your Zoom meetings as any other PROFESSIONAL client meeting. Dress the part!

internet-marketing-zoom-meeting-clientPut on your best background. While your co-workers may appreciate your blacklight peace sign poster or the washing machine in your background, your clients expect a bit more from your internet marketing. Thankfully Zoom offers the option to implement a virtual background. Show professionalism with your office or logo in the background. For a personal touch, use a background from Zoom’s free sources or find one online.


The best Zoom backgrounds have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. 

Implement Courtesy Protocols – MUTE yourself! One of the most frustrating issues that comes into many online meetings is the proper use of the mute function. Even, if you are courteous and mute yourself, hitting that unmute link in time to answer can be tricky. Thankfully here is a great article to help you learn how to MUTE yourself like a pro.

Internet Marketing You Need Now With The Mauldin Group

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