Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Reach Your Customers Directly

A Quick Text Makes All The Difference

Think of how many times throughout the day you rely on text messaging. Whether it’s to check in with a loved one or to get a reminder about a big meeting, there’s no denying that text messages get our attention. With custom text message marketing, YOU can communicate with YOUR customers, sending a notification directly to their smartphones. This is an effective way to reach your audience and to make conversions. The Mauldin Group is an experienced team ready to apply our creative expertise in a customized way to help YOUR business grow through text message marketing.

Creating Messaging That Brings Clients To You

Text Message Marketing With The Mauldin Group Can…

  • Promote Deals And Events
  • Send Text-Based Campaigns
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Customize Your Messaging
  • Increase Engagement

A Personalized Way To Reach Your Customers

Text messages have about a 90% open rate, and some sources report that number is a high as 99%. Compared to email’s 20% open rate, SMS marketing is a tremendously effective way to reach YOUR clients and customers. Now, pair that high open rate with compelling calls-to-action and a sound marketing strategy, customized to meet YOUR business’s exact goals and you have winning formula. This is a proven and highly effective method to share promotional offers, upcoming events, operational updates, and more.

Text messages have a more personal touch to them and are a direct communication to YOUR audience. With that said, people are more likely to click on a link that’s in a text message over a link in an email. This immediate communication platform invokes urgency, making YOUR customers more likely to take action. This, however, can’t be accomplished through guesswork. It will take an experienced and focused marketing team to make your custom SMS campaign a success!

Think about the traditional forms of marketing: flyers, billboards, mailers, newspaper ads, and the list goes on and on. While those methods have worked in the past, they all are at a disadvantage concerning time. It could be days or weeks before someone sees YOUR print advertisement. However, digital marketing, specifically text message marketing, is a way to rapidly reach your customers.

Within seconds, your audience will be notified and reading a message from you directly to them. With exciting marketing, this could lead to an instant action that benefits YOUR business. Considering that 75% of customers are open to receiving texts with special offers, text message marketing is among the most effective and quickest ways to boost your brand.


“75% of consumers are comfortable receiving SMS messages from brands as long as they opt-in to messaging.”

SMS Global

“19% of links in text messages are clicked vs 2% of links in emails.”


“75% of consumers want to receive texts with special offers.”


“83% of millennials open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.”

Replies For Your Questions - FAQs

We understand you have a busy schedule. When you work with The Mauldin Group, consider us your in-house marketing team. Given that, we will write your text messages to tactically encourage sales and conversions as well as further customer relationships.
Yes, but only if they opt in for that type of communication. The FCC has rules and regulations about sending unsolicited text messages. The Mauldin Group will manage and grow your text messaging contact list without breaking any regulations. Our text messaging marketing services are done by using all the recommended practices as well as creative strategies to increase your exposure.
That number depends on your audience and what the right balance is for them. Through trend research and data analysis, we will send an appropriate amount of text messages that is best for your unique audience. If you have any doubts, always remember that the work we do is designed to get the most bang for your buck, resulting in positive outcomes for your business.
The content and calls to action of your text messages will vary on what your business’ needs and goals are. We may send out special promotions, event reminders, or general updates that will benefit you and your customer base.

A Team Ready To Grow Your Brand

At The Mauldin Group, we love our clients. We truly have enjoyed getting the opportunity to know our clients on a personal level and help them reach their goals through our area of expertise: marketing. Our five-star reviews and multiple business awards recognize and reflect our dedication to our clients’ success. If you’re looking to expand your brand and increase sales through text message marketing, we would love the opportunity to help your business reach its goals.

Text Message Content Matters

Consumers are smart these days; they can sense when they’re being blatantly marketed to. Crafting the perfect text message that inspires action takes a bit of thought. Truth be told, text message marketing is best handled and achieves the best results when an experienced marketing team is the driving force behind it. Point being, text message marketing services from The Mauldin Group are professional quality at a price point that fits into your small or mid-sized business’ budget. We are here to make your marketing dollars go further and to generate results that meet and exceed your goals.

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