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8 Ways to Market Your Pediatric Office

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Does Your Practice Need Healthcare Marketing Services?

In today’s digital world, pediatric practices need both the compassion of a healthcare professional and the enterprise of an entrepreneur to be truly successful. They also need to consider that a large section of their client base is now made up of millennial parents. Research shows that 40% of millennials are now parents. That’s more than 32 million people. And according to Forbes, most millennial parents turn to the internet before making any kind of purchasing decision. Can your practice attract these virtual window shoppers or should you enlist the help of healthcare marketing services? Here are 8 ways to determine if your practice’s digital marketing strategy is ready to grab their attention.

8 Great Ways To Promote Your Pediatric Office

Start With A Good Website

The best way to make a great first impression to prospective patients is by having a clean, professional website. As a pediatrician, you want to instill a sense of credibility from the first moment a parent is introduced to your practice. This begins with the design and functionality of your website. In fact, they say 48% of online users report that good website design is the #1 factor for deciding the credibility of a business. Healthcare marketing services make it easy to completely customize your site with physician bios, online appointment booking, digital patient intake forms, individual patient portals and so much more. Foster professionalism and patient trust by building an exceptional website for your practice.

Feature A Blog

healthcare-marketing-servicesWhat good is a beautiful website if no one sees it? Organizations who regularly post blogs get 55% more web traffic. You can use blog posts to attract visitors to your site by including local keywords, which will target patients in your area. This means you should use terms like “best Atlanta pediatrician” instead of  simply “best pediatrician.” This will make sure your website becomes visible for those who are searching locally.

You can also use this platform to demonstrate your expertise, offer parents helpful advice, and address frequently asked questions. Patient families are much more likely to engage with your website if you offer them information they are looking for.

Share content on social media

There are over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook each month. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to reach those people. Create a professional Facebook page for your pediatric practice so that you can share important updates with your patient families. Simple posts highlighting practice news, seasonal health tips, or general pediatric information will keep you in the minds of your patients. You can also use other social media platforms, like Instagram or Twitter, to jump on trending hashtags and get your name out to new people. You are guaranteed a high return on investment with timely, relevant content.

Create A Newsletter

Another great way to keep your pediatric practice on the forefront of patients’ minds is by sending newsletters. Newsletters are perfect for delivering helpful information to those who don’t use social media or prefer not to follow businesses on their personal accounts. This is an opportunity to send valuable bits of information to your audience, rather than hoping they stumble upon it on your website. You will have the best results if you try to keep your newsletters concise, relevant, and infrequent enough that they aren’t accidentally marked as spam.

Establish An Online Profile

Since many millennial parents like to research their options online, it’s wise to build a robust practice profile on online healthcare marketplaces, such as Healthgrades or ZocDoc. Not only can you keep your practice information up to date, but you can also link to your website and show off your patient reviews. This is yet another way to establish credibility with prospective patient families.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Your practice’s online reputation is extremely important. Negative reviews can cause serious damage to your credibility since parents are often persuaded by the online reviews they read. That’s why reputation management should never be ignored. Reputation management includes monitoring online reviews and responding to patient complaints in a professional and accommodating way. You should also encourage your happy patients to leave reviews of your practice. This will help build your online reputation.

Get Involved With The Community

healthcare-marketing-services-pediatricsAs a truly local business, your pediatric practice depends heavily on reaching the people in your city. Sponsoring community or charity events can be a great way to gain exposure in your area. Plus, you get to directly market to your local audience. You can also host educational events at schools or colleges, such as flu season PSA’s or proper hand-washing tutorials. These engagements will shape how your community remembers your practice – make them count!

Use Expert Healthcare Marketing Services

Finding this list a little overwhelming? That’s because properly marketing your pediatric practice is a full-time job in and of itself. With our world becoming ever more device-driven, it’s unfair to expect healthcare professionals to do two jobs at once. Invest your time in your patients and consider investing your money in proficient healthcare marketing services. A professional marketing agency can provide you with website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertisements, social media management, e-learning opportunities for your staff, and more. This is your best bet for effective, consistent marketing campaigns.

The Mauldin Group Offers Award-Winning Healthcare Marketing Services

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